How to Search for a Cannabis Job During the Holidays


In my more than 15 years of recruiting and resume writing experience, one trend has always remained the same - hiring picks up significantly in January, and at the start of the New Year.

Part of this can be attributed to the fact that hiring budgets renew, and candidates should take advantage of this trend to competitively position themselves in the cannabis space.

Follow these 4 tips to ensure you’re competitively positioning yourself for a successful job search and career in the cannabis industry:

1) Research Emerging & Established Cannabis Companies

Use the “downtime” - i.e. the weeks leading up the holidays and New Year - to do your research on companies that interest you and that may be hiring. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Ganjapreneur, and other cannabis industry media to research companies that are coming into the cannabis space, and those who already have a presence. LinkedIn can be a helpful tool for looking at what kinds of roles they’ve hired in the last year, what openings they currently have, and to learn about their culture.

Having a short-list of companies that interest you will help you prepare your applications in advance so they’re ready to send out after the holiday season wraps up.

2) Create a Short List of Cannabis Job Opportunities

The end of December is not the ideal time to respond to job postings, as hiring moves slowly, and many people involved in the decision making progress are on vacation. Particularly if it’s a high priority role, spend the weeks leading up to the holidays identifying your top 10 positions to apply to within the cannabis space, and crafting an impactful resume and cover letter tailored to each job description. Then get ready to submit them after the holiday.

While it is a risk to wait it out, there’s also a good chance that submitting your application during the holiday rush will cause it to get overlooked or lost in the shuffle.

3) Identify Skill Gaps Needed for Your Ideal Role

Maybe your goal is to break into the cannabis space, or elevate yourself to the next level - but you lack certain skill sets needed to do so. Spend this time researching cannabis job descriptions within your specialty (i.e. budtending, software sales, cultivation, etc.) that match your ideal role. Look at the top qualifications and determine which ones you may be lacking or need in order to be competitive in the cannabis industry. Consider ways you can work towards building these in the first quarter, whether that’s asking for additional responsibility in your current role, taking outside courses, or online workshops - or perhaps even going back for a degree program.

Spending the time now to research and plan out your strategy will make position you more competitively in 2019.

4) Refresh Your Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

If you are looking to transition into the cannabis industry from another sector, a big focus of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile will be on communicating your transferrable skills. If you don’t have direct experience in the cannabis industry, what skills and knowledge can you offer that still add value?

Do a quick audit of your personal brand - everything that is public facing to hiring managers - and make sure it’s consistent and effective. That can include everything from your resume and cover letter, to your LinkedIn profile, website, social profiles, even your appearance in the job interview. The goal is to make sure you are speaking to the roles you’re targeting (versus the role you have), and that you are presenting yourself consistently across all platforms.

In Conclusion

Though hiring may slow down during the holidays, it’s a great to plan out your job search strategy in preparation for January. Spend your time researching your top prospects, updating your resume and brand portfolio, and preparing a tailored application package that stands out. Investing the time and strategy now will put you ahead of the competition once hiring picks back up after the New Year.

What Next?
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